MeetingMatrix: Property Administrators Guide

Welcome! We know switching to a new system can feel daunting, and finding the time can be challenging. Here's a handy guide to keep you on track and make your transition as easy as possible. You'll love the new system once you're acquainted with it. We're so glad you're here!

We're here to support your journey. Training & Help is always on hand anytime you need. Click whenever you see it to learn more about the page.
Learn the lingo. There are some differences in the terminology. Bookmark the Glossary so you can reference the terms you read, or hear from colleagues, trainers, or Amadeus support representatives. You'll know the difference between a meeting space and a room diagram in no time!
Why not print a copy of this checklist and mark off tasks as you go? There are helpful videos that won't print though, so make sure you don't forget to come back and watch those.

Getting Started Guide

Before you start, click your name in the upper-right corner of the page, click My Profile, and then set your preference for Measurement (Imperial or Metric) and language.

Make sure you follow the steps in the order presented.

Optional Tasks

Upload your logo and enable three-dimensional (3D) render: Include a logo that prints on your diagrams and configure the interior finishes for 3D walk through. To configure these settings click your name in the upper right corner of the page, select Manage Content, and then click Options. Open Manage Resources and click 3D Preview to set the default model used for three-dimensional (3D) render.

Social Distancing: If your property is subject to social distancing rules, set your global distance defaults and adjust your capacity percentage.

Quick Room Plans: Build a shared library of your standard layouts to use as templates in Quick Rooms Plans.

Custom configurations: You can save time and help your team produce visually consistent diagrams by saving groups of commonly used resources. For example, save an LCD projector grouped with a screen at a distance of 13 ft (4 meters). Or a legend to explain the colors applied to the seating plan for a wedding. You can always save these as you create them when drawing diagrams. Learn how to create custom configurations.

Next Steps

Once you are all moved over, we recommend uninstalling MeetingMatrix from your workstations. The MMS files will still be available, and these can be imported into Delphi Diagramming.

We're continuously developing based on customer feedback. New features are automatically available. When new features are accessible, you'll see a pop-up after you log in. Follow the link to see what's new. If you have feedback to share, we'd love to hear from you.

Stay up-to-date on new features by checking out the release notes. Each release is packed with new features and product fixes based on customer feedback.

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