Activity report

The Activity report provides a list of both outstanding and completed activities, allowing you to track the number of appointments, prospecting calls, site visits, etc., for any user at your property.

Sales managers can run this report to determine what's coming up before they go on vacation, or to quickly see if they are meeting their activity quota.

Directors can run this report to see if team members are on track for meeting their activity goals, or to include a list of completed activities to the owner/management company in the month-end report.

A few things to keep in mind:

To run the report

  1. Click All Tabs (+), and then click Amadeus Reports.
  2. Under Account, Contact and Activity, click Activity Report.
  3. Complete the report criteria.
    Activity Date From

    Activity Date To

    Enter a date range to search for activities that are due within those dates. The date range must not exceed three months.
    Display GoalsWhen you select Yes, the report includes a goal, variance to goal, and goal % for each activity type by user. Only the summary view is available.

    An administrator can create activity goals for each user on the All Tabs (+) page.

    Display Report SectionActivity Details - Shows the user assigned to the activity as well as the activity's due date, status, associated account and booking. If you select to Display Activity Comments, you'll also see those as part of the details.

    Summary - Shows the total number of outstanding and completed activities for each user.

    Select All - When you view the report, you'll see the Activity Details first, followed by the Summary.

    Display Activities of

    This defaults to Bookings, filtering the report to only include activities that have a booking in the Related To field.

    The other option is Accounts. This will include all activities that have a contact (if the contact is linked to an account) and the Related To field is not booking. So it will also pull activities that are for volume contracts and inquiries.

    If there are activities that are not associated with a booking, account, or contact (for example an inquiry that only has a temporary account and contact) they will always display in the results when the person running the report is the Created By or Assigned To user.

    PropertiesSelect the properties whose activities you want to include in the report. Only those properties you have access to are shown.
    Display ActivityYou can include tasks, appointments, or both in the report.
    StatusAppointment status is determined based on the appointment end date. If the end date is less than today, it is considered completed. If greater than or equal to today, it is considered outstanding.

    If a task has a status of anything other than completed, it is considered outstanding.

    Group By

    Sort By

    If you group or sort by Date/Time and you also select to Display Tasks with No Due Date, those tasks will appear at the beginning of the report.
    Display Activity CommentsIf you've selected to display Activity Details in the report, you can also include any comments that were added to the task or appointment.

    Comments cannot be displayed in the report's Summary section.

    Display Tasks with No Due DateApplies to tasks only—not appointments.

    Shows all outstanding and completed tasks that currently have no due date.

    Goal ConsumptionIf you've selected to display Activity Goals in the report, select which goal you want to use: Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly.

    Before running this report, make sure you know how your property's goals have been defined. If only weekly goals have been defined, you must select Weekly. Otherwise, the report will not calculate the goals.

    You can run the report for any date range regardless of how you defined your goals. For example, if you enter weekly goals, you can still run the report for three months and the system will calculate accordingly.

  4. Click View Report.

Here are a few additional things you can do after you've run the report: